• Computer Assisted Intelligent Event Processor

    Computer Assisted
    Intelligent Event Processor

    Computer Assisted Intelligent Event Processor (CAISER)
    is a Complex Event Processing System (CEP) designed to
    manage and process hundreds of events,
    alarms and notifications
    in a wide range of sectors.

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  • Design Your Application In 5 Steps

    Design Your Application
    In 5 Steps

    CAISER is fully integrated with adapters
    which are suitable to develop engineering
    and scientific related CEP applications.
    The event detection algorithm used in CAISER
    is both simple to understand and yet powerful enough
    to enable fusion and correlation of current and past
    heterogeneous simple and complex events.

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  • Pump House Management System
    Sample Application 1

    Pump Operation
    Monitoring System

    a customized system that automatically monitors
    the operating status of each pump in each pump house.
    Each engineering personnel will be notified when
    there are state changes of the pump house
    and also when the pump is tripped.

    Engineering personnel or public can also query
    the pump status from their smartphones.
    The notification sent via several communication
    which are SMS, Telegram, or Email.

    Project Details
  • Intelligent Surveillance System (InViss)
    Sample Application 2

    Smart Surveillance System

    Secure, fast and quick action.
    Connected with web portal
    for real time a application.  

  • Technology / Innovation Summary

    Networks Facility
    Monitoring System

    System with customizable input and
    output adapters (software and hardware).

    Further, it utilizes Unified Messaging technique to
    widest communication coverage between
    event consumer and event producer.

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